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Hot Fuzz – Movie Review

Director:  Edgar Wright

Cast:  Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Paddy Considine, Rafe Spall, Timothy Dalton, Edward Woodward

Plot:  Nicholas Angel is the best police officer in London, in fact he’s so good that he was promoted to sergeant… of the countryside village of Sandford. This is because he steals the spotlight away from his fellow officers. Angel is reluctant to relocate to Sandford, but it seems he has no choice. Angel is partnered with Danny Butterman, the son of the police chief, who seems to not take his job seriously and watches one too amny action films. While adjusting to the rural lifestyle, bodies start to pile around the village and Angel begins to suspect that this perfect little village isn’t as idyllic as it appears on the surface.

First Thoughts:  Bloody hell, I love this movie. Even though I had seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World before seeing this, this was really the film that truly introduced me to Edgar Wright’s special brand of humor. And I say special because of how unique it is from every other comedy that’s released today. It’s just that type of movie that if an American director had gotten his hands on it, it would be nowhere near as good as how Edgar Wright directed it.

Story:  While on the surface, Hot Fuzz appears to be a buddy cop action comedy, it’s also a biting satire of those types of films, which is extremely evident with the character of Danny, who has a rather unrealistic idea of what the police do. What’s also so great about the story is how many twists and turns it takes. As the bodies begin to pile up around this village, you begin to suspect the obvious and even though the obvious person is part of this, it turns out that it’s way bigger than Sgt. Angel and the audience expect. I also love how this movie runs action movie cliches into the ground, in particular how paperwork is done after every single bust in the film, something that real life police officers have praised.

Technical:  I know what you’re probably thinking, “this is a comedy, why do you need to talk about the technical side of it?” Well, there’s a very specific reason why I bring up the technical side of Hot Fuzz, and that’s the way the film is edited. While yes, there are also amazing action sequences, it’s really the way the other scenes are edited that makes Edgar Wright’s style of directing so unique. Take for example the scene where Nicholas is going from London to Sandford. It’s not all just a series of rapid-fire cuts, but it’s also a great scene of visual comedy. Scene transitions are also done in a very interesting, rapid-fire way. And of course the action sequences are spectacular! The big climactic shootout is one of my favourites in film history and it’s all handled in Edgar Wright’s signature style that no other director today utilizes, which is a real shame.

Performances:  Another reason people love the Cornetto trilogy for is the performances, and Hot Fuzz is no exception. Simon Pegg is truly comedic gold in this movie, not just because he is really funny, but because he truly learns to fit into this small town where nothing really happens, albeit after some serious shit goes down in the last act of the film. His chemistry with Nick Frost is also spectacular, and of course since this is a buddy-cop film as well, the contrast between each other is certainly there. What I loved about Frosts’s character in this movie was his uber-unrealistic viewpoint of what it’s like to be a cop, and how he learns to accept that it’s not all about gunfights and car chases, it’s also a considerable amount of paperwork. All the supporting characters are also great, from Timothy Dalton as a supermarket manager to Jim Broadbent as the police chief.

Final Thoughts:  In the end, Hot Fuzz is one of my favourite movies of all time and is tied for being my favourite comedy of all time, with the only real competition being Deadpool and another Edgar Wright film I’ll get to soon. Everything about Hot Fuzz is comedic gold! The performances, the action, the editing style, the visual comedy that’s thrown throughout it, EVERYTHING about Hot Fuzz is comedic perfection and I cannot praise it enough. I wish to the bottom of my heart that more movies like this were made in North America, I truly do. Nobody makes movies like this quite like Edgar Wright does, and I hope at some point other directors take inspiration from his style of directing, especially with Hot Fuzz.


  • Pegg and Frost’s chemistry is perfect
  • Intriguing mystery
  • Wright’s directing and editing style is unlike any others
  • Sharp, witty banter
  • Amazing action scenes
  • The visual comedy


  • None.

Overall Grade:  10/10



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